Recent Graphic

Etching and photoengraving are printmaking techniques that never cease to amaze me. There is a magical quality to inking a copper plate once the line has been incised, cleaning the plate, covering it with the paper that will receive the image and turning the wheel of the printing press. Then there is that fantastic moment of lifting the paper to see the image appear.

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Recent Textile

So many things can be said about tapestry weaving; the technique, the different fibers (linen, wool, cotton, silk and a myriad of other non traditional filaments and threads), the colors, the textures, the historical references, its place in the world of design and architecture and its expression of contemporary art.

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Collage & Drawing

Drawing and collage together with photography are the means I often use to sketch out ideas for weaving and printmaking. They are resources I also used when painting.

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