Tapestry Weaving



b.1954 in Caracas, Venezuela

lives and works in Barcelona, Spain



  • 1975-77 After having graduated Cum Laude in Communications from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts worked as a journalist in the Venezuelan Foreign Office.
  • !978-80 Post Graduate degree in Political Science from the Institut des Etudes Politiques in Paris, France
  • 1981-81 Leo Burnett Advertising Agency as Copywriter
  • 1989 National Art Gallery in Venezuela in the Education Department. Designed program for the guided visits and worked on exhibit catalogues.
  • 1990-92 Fischer Grey Advertising. Senior Copywriter
  • 1991-92 Art appreciation course with Dr. Milagros Bello
  • 1992-99 Art workshop in the studio of Gladys Medina post graduate art teacher and artist. The workshop covered an ongoing preparation for the “Development of the Right Brain in Drawing and Painting”. The program included drawing, painting and printmaking. Taking place in a very dynamic atmosphere there were working artists, art historians, curators and philosophers who gave talks on different topics pertaining to art.
  • 1995-97 Art workshop with Venezuelan artist Antonio Lazo. The workshop focused on contemporary drawing and contemporary art movements.
  • 1999 Aesthetics workshop. Simon Bolivar University Professor Alvaro Martín Navarro
  • 1999 Shape, Matter and Image seminary . Simon Bolivar University Professor Alvaro Martín Navarro
  • 2002 Video Art Workshop with Antonio Lazo, Caracas, Venezuela
  • 2003 Contemporary Art Workshop with Antonio Lazo, Caracas, Venezuela
  • 2014 – Tapestry Weaving and Weaving in Taller Textil Teranyina in Barcelona, Spain
  • 2017 Print making Escola Trac, Barcelona,
  • 2018 Online embroidery course with Textile Artist Sue Stone
  • 2020 Vice President of the Board of Arts FAD (Fomento del Arte y Diseño ) in Barcelona



  • 1998 – 99 2000 – 02 “Contemporary Art from Marcel Duchamp to the Present” Slide show, talk and practical workshop with third, fifth and sixth grades at the Jefferson School in Caracas, Venezuela. Collage and spontaneous painting with Kindergarten children focusing on Andy Warhol and Marc Chagall.
  • 1999 Seminary on Contemporary Art given to Junior year students from the Modern Languages Department at the Metropolitan University of Caracas



  • 1992 National Exhibit of Emerging Artists  Seguros Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela.
  • 1993 XIII Municipal  Painting Exhibit. Municipal Art Gallery, Aragua, Venezuela.
  • 1993 Convergence Around the Spiral. Arri Art Gallery, El Hatillo, Venezuela.
  • 1993 Image Makers.   Exhibition Hall at City Hall, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1993 Annual Painting Salon, Federal District, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1993 II National Art Biennial of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.
  • 1993 Participation in the FIA (Caracas International Art Fair) with Arri Art Gallery.
  • 1994 “Two Cubed” Group Exhibit at Uno Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1994 Municipal Salon of Visual Arts, Chacao, Federal District
  • 1994 V Municipal Art Salon Los Salias, Venezuela
  • 1994 Group Exhibit in the framework of the  Museum and Education research  program of the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas at the French Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1995 The Enchanted Loom Group exhibit at the Alliance Francaise  in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 1997 Printmaking   Group exhibit at the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas.
  • 1997 IV Art Biennial of Merida, Venezuela.
  • 1998 Internet Collective Art4Tibet
  • 1999 Digital Art Collective exhibit held at the Convention Center in Havana, Cuba within the framework of Pedagogy 99 at the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas.
  • 2002 Group Exhibit IPC Gallery focused on the use of new mediums, What You See is not What You See , Caracas, Venezuela.
  • 2004 Participation in the Urban Media Space Exhibit (Urballoon) at City Hall Park, New York
  • 2017 Printmaking group show at Escola Trac, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2019 Mini Print Cadaques
  • 2020 Escola Trac Exhibition Hall, Barcelona. Participation in the Exhibition “Fragility and Intuition” (3 artists)
  • 2021 Exhibition Hall of the Crafts Center of Catalonia. Participating in the international exhibition “Visions of Catalonia”
  • 2021 Documentation Center I Textile Museum of Terrassa Participation in the Exhibition:   “The attraction of  White, the Seduction of Fiber”
  • 2021 La Sala de Vilanova I la Geltru Contemporary Art Center Participation in the Exhibition:  “Selected Fragments –Hidden Corners”
  • 2021 Carme Malaret Free Creation Workshop. Participation in the exhibition “Sigues Original” in Sant Just Desvern
  • 2022 Venice, Italy  Month of April in the framework of the Homo Faber traveling exhibition of “Visions of Catalonia”
  • 2022 Mini Print Cadaques (Finalist 1/9 0f 650 participants)
  • 2022 Capellades Paper Mill Museum within the framework of the exhibitions of the A-Fad members in the exhibition “Folded Surfaces”
  • 2023  Trac Exhibition Hall , collective engraving exhibition “A Gravat”
  • 2000 (November) The Disguise of the Disguised at the Jardin de Joelle Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela
  • 2023 Tangram Gallery, Barcelona  Individual Exhibition “Inhabiting Fabric”(Habitar el Tejido)  Tapestries and Engravings March 3-29



  • 1992 National Salon of Emerging Artists Seguros Carabobo 3rd prize
  • 1993 1st Prize Anual Municipal Painting Salon, Aragua



  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Catalan