Carol is an artist who has approached contemporary tapestry weaving and prints with great passion and freedom of expression. Borrowing from her personal experiences and multiculturalism there is a narrative in her work that plays with layers of color and texture, allowing her to weave her life experiences with the different threads that make up the cloth that we are all made of. The bold use of color and textures in her tapestries and prints are evocative of the different cultures that have been a part of her life. Another theme that is present in her work is that of displacement or what it feels like to have to start over when not necessarily by choice.


Born in Venezuela of European and American descent Carol studied Journalism at Boston University and then Political Science in Paris. Upon returning to Venezuela she started in advertising as a copywriter. Working closely with an art director she became interested in art and began doing collage. Her creative restlessness eventually led her to meet a highly talented artist/teacher who invited her to come to her studio. A short time later, with uncompromising generosity her teacher became her mentor.

Carol Art

Immersing herself in the study of drawing and painting techniques as well as art history, in particular contemporary art, she was soon showing her work in different venues and galleries in Venezuela as well as participating in various juried exhibits. Having three small children at the time, she took inspiration from the world that surrounded them and painted carrousels and horses in surrealist surroundings. Along the way she was approached by an editor of children’s books and illustrated a book of Latin American lullabies. Carol also pursued her interest in teaching young children about contemporary art by introducing them to artists from Marcel Duchamp to the present. It was her goal to help them appreciate that as much as they loved the music they listened to they could also understand and be in tune with the art of their times.

She stayed in Venezuela until the political situation became untenable and moved to Barcelona, Spain where she currently resides. In Spain she discovered fiber arts and in particular tapestry weaving of which she became enamored for it’s infinite expressive possibilities. Aside from textile arts Carol expanded her knowledge of printing to photoengraving and etching. Her goal is to find and make apparent the common thread in tapestry weaving, textiles and printing.

She currently continues to pursue her passion for life through the tapestries she weaves and prints she makes in Barcelona.